girl on the shore

dec-20 | #philiphaugh #selkirk #scottishborders
#contemplativephotography #conceptualphotography #abstractphotography #paintingwithlight #softfocus #macro #visualpoetry #visualhaiku

“She’d left for the shore,
exploring the sea-washed bones,
frayed nets, faded buoys,
her own independence.

Now I’m tilting a telescope,
and find her, a small figure
making her way inland,
the Minch wild behind her.

I twiddle the focus,
see how she jumps
a ditch, climbs a fence,
wind-blown, elegant and free.

I can find no adjustment
on the scope,
to still the vibrations
from a quickened heart.”

John Plunkett Poems | A Melody of Sorts



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