your life’s work

dec-20 | #inmystudio #selkirk #scottishborders
#contemplativephotography #conceptualphotography #abstractphotography #paintingwithlight #softfocus #macro #visualpoetry #visualhaiku

“Everyone has his successes, his moments of success. For example, some people find it it a success if they are able to get up in the morning, go to work, and get there on time – even if they barely make it. Success is a time-punched card inserted at exactly the right moment. That is a moment of success. Sometimes they can live off that for one whole day. No matter how dull the work that follows.

“Bad art, you can tinker with it and turn it into high art with your life’s work. Life’s work – that’s what it’s really all about. You must have produced something decent with within your life. Actually, those are Heaven’s directives. Otherwise, Hell.”

Martin Kippenberger | The Photographer’s Playbook



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