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“I love Sunday mornings. I wake up early enough, but not too early. The first thing I notice is how quiet it is outside my windows. The endless stream of cars heading to their destinations has ceased. I realize that I do not have to put my daily regimen into gear. I can put in the clutch and coast for a while. I can move at my own pace, free of external influence, and let the day unwind in a natural rhythm. I feel a tremendous sense of relief, together with a basic sense of wellbeing and contentedness.

“Because I have noticed and appreciated the stillness of the Sunday morning, I can allow myself to open out into a world of possibility. There is room for me to take my time and examine my choices for what I do, and when I do it, and choose according to what I want. Instead of the usual relentless sense of trying to be somewhere and do something, I have room to breathe, to renew myself, and refresh my being. This sense of freedom is a wonderful feeling. On Sundays for me it arises out of the recognition and appreciation of stillness. When we slow down, unwind, and just be, we can have a quiet mind. There is all the room we need to relax and enjoy ourselves. In this space of openness, all things are possible.”

We can begin to truly see.

Julie DeBose | Effortless Beauty



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