being in the world

july-19 | #samyeling #riveresk #dumfries #galloway
deep midsummer, following the river, following the light

“It was this quality of their presence in the world. I just had never met people like that. And here they’d come out, sick, exhausted, with just the clothes on their back and the sacred objects they carried out—through periods of snow-blindness—over the mountains.

“But their quality of being in the world was seeing everything as if for the first time. And, I don’t even know if I knew those words then; but when I walked on that Losar—Tibetan New Year—morning across the tea estate where they were squatting, these eastern Tibetans, and I heard the long horns for their morning puja and saw the tall flag poles with the cloth rippling, and there was just, oh . . . yes. . . I’m worthy to be given this.”

Widening Circles | Joanna Macy with © emergence magazine



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