first frost

I am late today, but keen to be out. The air is crisp, fresh, the first frost.


I walk slowly, breathing the cool air, the fresh scent of early autumn. The sky above is pale blue, the waning moon barely visible, high. I reach the stubble field, lacey with dew. Cobwebs glisten.


I crouch low, turning my lens toward the sun, seeking the light, aware of the shadows.


The air is still and I am quiet. Restlessness from the early morning dissolves. I breathe deeply. Peace descends and I feel the hum of the earth, soft, muted, buried deep, but present, always present.


The magic is here, I feel it, I know it. I stand and walk further. The light changes, softens, deepens.


This moment is all there is, this now, this place, this one breath. My journey is endless, this I know, but this beauty is enough. For now, for this one moment, this soft and silver beauty, this calm and enduring presence, is enough.

I am strengthened. I turn for home.


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